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Barbara completely devoted herself to our projects and was able to take a mess of boxes and bags and create a functional, beautiful home.  She is remarkably efficient, pleasant, and caring.

Clearly loving her work, her strength and energy enable all around her to succeed.  Her assessments of what goes where have us in awe, a​nd we're living an easy life now that we can find things!  A former professor and a writer are able to contemplate and pursue ideas instead of pawing thro​ugh piles.

Joe and MaryAnn D., Vero Beach, FL

I just wanted to tell you how blown away I was when I came home and saw the work that you had done. I felt like Cinderella seeing her ball gown for the first time! ORDER. NEATNESS. ORGANIZATION. A SYSTEM. COMPARTMENTALIZATION. MY FAMILY ROOM BACK.

Somebody, Pinch me!! After months of tolerating all of the American Girl stuff all over place and all over my house and trying to keep it all together, but failing miserably at it, you swooped into my home while I was at work, and waved your magic wand...It was like an awesome truck was off my chest. And my daughter was equally as happy! We both hugged in excitement over what we saw (for different reasons, of course. Wink, wink.) If only you could do to the rest of my life what you did to all the American Girl stuff, I think I would have birds chirping around my head. LOL! Thank you so much for the AMAZING work you did. What might have seemed like a small project to you, brought insurmountable relief and a feeling of control back to my life.

Patti S., Wyckoff, NJ

I recently moved into a new place with very little closet space. Barb helped me maximize my closet space so everything has its proper place. She also gave me great tips on how to keep things organized and I am proud to say that I have been sticking to her advice, No more piles of clothes everywhere! It is such a good feeling. I highly recommend her services, you will not be disappointed.

Susan B., Nyack, NY

I called Barb to help me get organized after temporarily downsizing from 2400 sq. ft. to a town home almost half that size. Barb helped me clear, sort, dispose, donate, label, and become functional. Two years later, when we purchased a house, Barb helped me organize and pack--then unpack and organize in the new space. Barb is sharp, efficient and a pleasure to work with. She even helped me choose paint colors and organize closets in the new home. I'm sure I'll be calling her again. She is the family member you wish you had, who swoops in without judgment and organizes your world.

Carolyn J., Ramsey, NJ

It is a great pleasure to work with Barbara. Every item she gets into her hands will very quickly have a new destination and contribute to organize my home.

Nina Y., Ridgewood, NJ

We were so happy to find Barb! She took all the stress and emotions out of cleaning and organizing. She took our unfinished basement from a dark, disorganized storage room to a fully functional laundry room, gym and office. Not only that, she went above and beyond creating stylish organization systems and helped facilitate donations for items we no longer needed.

Natalie G., Wyckoff, NJ

Barb was wonderful to work with. She specifically helped me to organize my kitchen, bathroom and closets. All the cabinets, shelves and drawers were completely transformed. She not only helped me organize all of these areas but also gave me the tools to continue to maintain it. Her great recommendations, ideas and attention to detail has changed my family's every day life for the better. Everything now has a place in my home. She also helped me get rid of the things that I no longer needed. We also had a lot of laughs along the way. It was such a great experience. I highly recommend Barb's Home Organizing for all of your organizational needs.

Jennifer H., Washington Township, NJ

My master bedroom closet was a disaster until Barbara came to remedy the situation. She organized my clothes into three piles--keep, donate and discard. Once that was accomplished she sorted my shoes and purses. It's been a year and I've been able to quickly locate the item needed. She's truly a miracle worker!

Marcye W., Ramsey, NJ

Barb's Home Organizing has been a life-saver for me and my family. She has helped us better organize our closets and clothes, tackle overwhelming paperwork and home office organization, to heavy-duty garage clean outs. In a busy active family of three teens and two full-time professional parents, Barbara has helped us with systems that work for us, and keep our household on track, organized and running smoothly.

Mary F., Valley Cottage, NY

Barbara was a lifesaver! I was feeling overwhelmed and stressed with the clutter in my home. Hiring Barb allowed me to set aside time to tackle the mess together. She taught me a lot of tricks along the way about organization and keeping things from getting out of control again. She is sweet and enjoyable to work with, and always on time. It's like a weight has been lifted off of me. I recommend her to anyone! WORTH EVERY CENT! Thanks, Barb. :)

Hope S., Cliffside Park, NJ

I can't say enough about how GREAT Barbara has been in helping me de-clutter my home!!! She is kind, understanding, and kept my focus on 'do you need or use it?' I realize my issue is mostly with 'quantity' first, and utilization second. This is a helpful 'awareness' for me; I not only ask "do I need this?", "How MANY of this do I really need?” She helped me turn my basement storage room that I couldn't even walk in - into an organized space. She is hard working, timely and sensitive, so when she would ask me if I wanted to get rid of something I could say, let me think about it! and she said, ok, with no judgement. She helped me come to reasonable decisions regarding my stuff. I am so impressed. My life feels so much less hectic and less stressful. Thank you! Get an appointment booked ASAP!! You'll be happy you did!

Sandy P., Ridgewood, NJ

How to sum up Barbara in a few sentences? Barbara changed my life- she brought order to my house and made rooms livable again. Not only did she de-clutter, but she also provided tips and tools to use, to help organize everything moving forward, to prevent clutter from coming back. She also has wonderful decorating ideas, and can easily make any area look fabulous!

Johnna L., Ramsey, NJ

Could not be more happy with Barb’s work in our home. She makes the most daunting organizing tasks seem painless and easy. She was able to transform our “junk room” into a well-maintained & important storage area. In addition, she was able to simplify both my husband and my closets by having us to dispose of the clothes and shoes we didn’t need. After asking us just a few questions, she quickly turned our closets into well-organized, color-coded areas that we no longer had to be embarrassed about it. Couldn’t be happier with Barb’s work. Strongly recommend!

Katie O., Pearl River, NY

Life changing. I know that may sound dramatic but I truly mean it. Barb came into my house and helped rid my house of clutter and disorganization. She patiently went thru every room and not only made each room look beautiful but organized it it a way that I feel on top of my game and actually enjoy my house so much more. Now I have a system for every room which makes our lives so much more convenient. My kids and husband actually love it and are keeping things organized which is shocking. LOL Barb worked with both of my daughters and helped organize their rooms and bathrooms and my daughter just showed me a picture of the way her room used to be and said , "Wow, I will never let my room look like that again". We loved working with Barb and she has taught us great life lessons of how to keep things organized and how good it feels to be that way. Btw, we all had fun working with Barb. She is the ultimate professional and we had a lot of laughs along the way. We really appreciate you coming into our family and helping us! Thank you so, so much Barb!!

Nancy B., Woodcliff Lake, NJ

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